“Gippsland Country” Real Estate is the first ever fully licensed Real estate agency of its kind for Mirboo North & South Gippsland. Hello there, I’m local agent David Tree & along with my friend & partner Phil Brown we have created “Gippsland Country Real Estate” Our agency has been forged from a simple belief that vendors should no longer nor should they expect to incur such a “high Selling fee” which incidentally by law has to be negotiated. We are a totally dedicated 100% on line real estate service purpose driven, highly motivated & absolutely committed to saving the seller not just several hundreds of dollars BUT rather several thousand.

For some years now I have always felt that presenting a property required something more than just the clicking of a camera button. The digital age of real estate is here so from photography to cinematography I have always known that I have to be the “BUYERS EYES” for what I see in a vendor’s property I want the purchaser to see as well.

I can claim to be the first agent ever in Mirboo North & now we are the very first agency ever in Mirboo North to include creative, colourful & imaginary video presentations integrated into our photographic essays of our vendor’s properties. Some of the lengths we go to are like scooting around a seller’s property on a motor cycle, canoeing up a lake, capturing a Gippsland sun set or lying in wait to record the sounds of a Lyre bird and including the latest in aerial photography and cinematography, in all 34 individual video presentations & counting.

We have raised the bar by taking pride & showing a sincere commit to each & every one of our vendor’s properties that we represent. We make No apologies about our level of commitment & our standard of presentation work that goes into attracting a buyer to our properties.

It’s our commitment & our standards that are setting us well apart from ALL the others. Also our agency is proud to be supporting a newly established & locally owned business “Drone Aerial" in conjunction with “SkyPix FX” Our agency is “Gippsland Country” & we can be contacted on 0457 407 900 or please email: david@gippslandcountryrealestate.com.au


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